Top 7 Best Beekeeping Forums Like Beesource Forum

In addition to a lot of equipment that a young beekeeper needs to acquire, perhaps the most important thing is to choose a suitable mentor of an experienced beekeeper who will guide you on the right path. In addition, it is very important to choose the best beekeeping literature, such as books, magazines, and Beekeeping Forums.

I will list a few of the best beekeeping forums:

1. Beesource Forum,

2. Beemaster’s International Beekeeping Forum,

3. Reddit » Beekeeping,

4. Beekeeping Forums,

5. Worldwide Beekeeping,

6. BBKA Forum,

7. Beekeeping Forum UK,

I personally use: Beesource Forum and Beemaster’s International Beekeeping Forum. I find everything I’m interested in on these two forums, and I always get an answer very quickly. In addition “Beesource Forum” is the most visited forum on the Internet with a monthly visit of 80000. Other forums are not even close to that number.

Why Beekeeping Forums Are One Of The Best Ways To Learn?

Beekeeping forums are one of the best ways to learn. There you will find answers to almost all questions, you will have the opportunity to ask the most experienced beekeepers whom you would never be able to reach in person.

Thanks to beekeeping forums, many beginner beekeepers find inspiration and valuable lessons from beekeepers who are not at all in their city or state.

In addition, before you start looking for a mentor, you will need to educate yourself about the basic elements of beekeeping. Professional literature, magazines, beesource forum and beekeeping courses will help you the most.

On the Internet, you can find huge amounts of professional literature, as well as online courses and lessons that will prepare you, step by step, for independent work in the apiary. Given all these possibilities, perhaps it is better to learn independently and from your mistakes than to work with a mentor who does not suit you.

Maybe your association is full of great mentors, but you should remember that not all experienced beekeepers are good teachers. The best way to learn is from mistakes, so don’t be afraid to sail into the waters of beekeeping alone.

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