Beekeeping Monthly Calendar

The practice of beekeeping is just “one practice”, it’s important to note that beekeepers often have their own way of doing things. Some beekeepers are very attentive, while others take a slightly somewhat weaker approach.

No matter what type of beekeeper you are, you should adapt the following calendar to your needs. Predicting bee needs can be frustrating and unpredictable at times, but understanding the life cycle of bees and the work they do each month can help you predict their needs and what needs to be done to help you and your bees succeed.

Keep in mind that these are suggested dates and may vary depending on weather, temperature, pollen levels, nectar flow and the bees themselves.

The following calendar should be understood as general information; dates and tasks should be adapted to your specific needs.

You’ll also notice a “flowering” section during the spring, summer, and fall months. It is important to observe the local landscape and pay attention to flowering plants.

This gives you important information about what resources bees have access to and whether they need supplemental food and resources at certain times of the year.

Documenting your experiences, successes, and challenges each year will help you fine-tune this calendar as your beekeeping progresses.

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